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Our Mission

Is to be the trusted partner in financial and accounting matters for our clients. We work tirelessly to ensure that your financial affairs are in order, that you comply with tax regulations, and that you make informed decisions for the growth and stability of your businesses.

¿Who are we?

Our Team

Liz Tobias

General Accounting Director

Business Administration graduate. Born in Mexico, her family moved to San Antonio where she worked for 10 years in the accounting area and decided to start her own business and thus founded TBS Group LLC. It is responsible for supervising and managing all activities related to accounting and financial information of companies. Providing a clear view of the financial situation, ensuring compliance with all applicable tax and accounting laws and regulations, as well as international accounting standards (for example, IFRS or GAAP). And thus, be able to evaluate financial risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.

Luis Mendoza

Fiscal Director

Born in Colombia, Graduated in Business Administration, He is a professional in charge of managing and supervising all issues related to taxes and tax planning of companies. Its primary role is to ensure that companies comply with all applicable tax laws and optimize their position to minimize tax burden legally and ethically.

‘It is essential to maintain the financial health of the organization and ensure that all legal and regulatory obligations regarding accounting and finance are met’

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Our team of highly trained accountants is ready to provide you with personalized advice and smart solutions to take your business to the next level